Precautions & handling


Always store magnetic sheets flat. If wrinkles appear, stack sheets flat for 24 to 48 hours at a temperature between 30 and 40 ° C, separated by sheets of paper.

Before print

Before printing on magnetic sheeting, it is recommended to remove the dust with a soft cloth. It is also possible to clean the magnetic sheet with water or with a classical mild detergent.


After print

After printing, the magnetic sheet may be dried at room temperature. The use of tunnel dryers and other systems of industrial drying is not recommended.


Magnetic sheeting can be die-cut or cut with standard tools used in printing. It is recommended not to damage the magnetic sheet by bending or twisting it.

Magnetic sheets on vehicles

For use on a vehicle, it is highly recommended to frequently remove the magnetic sheet (at least once per month) to avoid corrosion by moisture infiltration.