History, mission and values

BLS Magnet, a French company specializing in the design and implementation of magnetic solutions and equipment is founded on May 1, 1987 by Mr. José Solé in collaboration with Mr. Bakker and Mr. Lenoir, both renowned in the industry in Europe and after whom B.L.S. was named. 



1996: The company moves to Villers La Montagne, near the borders of Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.


2005: BLS Magnet acquires Toutaimant, a well-established family business to increase its production capacity and expand its product range.

2012: BLS Magnet celebrates its 25th anniversary and freshens up its image through the overhaul of its visual identity which featured a new logo and the "Attractive technology." tagline.

May 2012: Mr. Solé's son, Sébastien Solé takes over the company founded by his father 25 years earlier.



In line with the vision of the founder, José Solé, BLS Magnet is dedicated to providing magnetic solutions to day-to-day problems and complex industrial applications. 

Vision and values

BLS Magnet aspires to become a world leading magnet supplier by observing two values:

• Customer experience: accompanying our clients at all stages of their projects, from design through implementation to support, providing them with quality products and services while ensuring great reactiveness at all times.

• Responsibility: our family-sized business encourages a deep sense of accountability to our employees, clients, shareholders and the environment.