BLS Magnet in brief

Established in 1987, BLS Magnet designs and manufactures innovative solutions and magnetic materials. Thanks to its expertise in this rapidly evolving field, BLS Magnet has already satisfied more than 4000 customers around the world.


Our products include all types of permanent magnets (ferrite, neodymium, samarium cobalt and alnico) and assemblies, flexible materials (flexible magnetic sheets and rolls, ferrous and magnetic paper, etc.), systems for industrial applications (separation, filtration, recycling, etc.. ) and magnetic accessories of all kinds (door hangers, magnetic shelf hanger, magnetic door stop magnet, ceiling magnets, etc.).



Our expertise

With its experience in the field of magnetic solutions, BLS Magnet raised its know-how to the level of expertise. BLS Magnet’s responsiveness and involvement in all your projects has made the difference for now more than 25 years.


It is also through the quality of its solutions and products that BLS Magnet established itself as your preferred one-stop shop for all types of magnetic systems and materials.


The endless possibilities of magnetism 

No other natural phenomena had such an impact on the development of new technologies as that of magnetism.


Since the work of Ampere and Faraday, the properties of magnetism are increasingly used in electrical engineering or applied mechanics, both industrial and domestic.



With a view to guaranteeing deliveries in perfect accordance with your requirements, BLS Magnet constantly improves its logistics strategy and therefore stores most of our standard items at our distribution center, for your convenience.